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‘Winter Pride’ promises wild spring weekend in Brighton

Winter Pride 2011

Winter Pride 2011

You’ve all spent a weekend in Brighton when it’s been Pride weekend, but have you seen the line-up of events for Winter Pride?

Tonight’s fantastic Sophie Ellis Bextor and Richard Jones DJ set at Club Revenge is a kind of un-official pre-Pride event, with the main gig beginning on Saturday – and lasting for nine days.

Brighton’s top LGBT venues are putting on events for everyone, and we mean everyone.  Karaoke kings and queens will be welcome at The Bulldog and Dr Brighton’s is setting off its 2nd Birthday celebrations in style with some £1 shots.

Sunday may be a day of rest for the party crew, but for Brighton Lesbian and Gay Sports Society (BLAGGS) it’s a perfect day for a seven-mile walk along the downs, or  a free tennis session in Hove park.

Brighton Pride 2011
No parade, just Winter Pride!

Footy fans drag yourselves to Worthing for a glam football match organised by The Jack Horner (you’ll need to bring a frock) and there’s special offers on roasts all around town.

Once the day-trippers and London crowd have had their weekend in Brighton, the local LGBT community carries on its Winter Pride events well into next week – well if there’s a party for the Lesbian Gay Bi and Transgender community going on anywhere in the UK, you’ll find it this weekend in Brighton and all week in Brighton!

And if you want to hook up with the local LGBT community or are new to the scene, we’d recommend you join ZhooshBrightonour local social network.

Enjoy – as if we need to remind you!

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And for more details on Winter Pride, look here. And for live listings for LGBT events in Brighton

Just who are the Dining Dykes?

Well, to start with, they don’t just eat out with each other… . This group of ladies that lunch also gets out clubbing, pubbing and running events in the community.Picture 12

Dinning Dykes now attracts ladies from their 20s to their 50s creating a space where its members can meet, un pressured about conforming – or giving a damn what goes on in ‘the scene’.

Members get discounts of local businesses and are always doing their bit for charity.

And they are based in London as well as Brighton – and importantly they are hooked up to

So with Niche Girls and GayGirlNet it looks as if the lesbian community has got its social media in order.

Feeling peckish?

Take a look here for more information

Lesbian London Lovin’ Brighton

When the hotels in Brighton filled up for Pride it was LGBT people from all over the world who had come to party! But stood on the platform at Brighton station, if felt as if it was the London LGBT community that was taking over the town.

And as for the virtual traffic, Twitter was jammed with messages from London groups, all loving Brighton. So we hooked up with the group that best represented the Lesbian and bi-girls of London, NicheGirls.

Here’s an intro to their new site, which is all no-nonsense vid clips. Expect straight talking (not an entirely accurate description, but you know what I mean) and some infectious enthusiasm about Pride and the Lesbian and bi-girl scene.

Check back for more clips; these girls are definitely coming up, and back to visit Brighton soon.

Pride Party Pictures 1

Flags flying, whistles blowing, people dancing in the streets: it could only be Pride! Once again, it felt as if the UK’s entire LGBT community all got off the same train and took over the city. What a day! The party is far from over; there’s fun still to be had. So while you’re relaxing after a mad night, have a look at the link below for first batch of pictures.

Brighton Pride 2010

There are more to come, it’s just that we were partying too!



Giving Brighton the Finger!

Brighton MpNo, it’s not what you think it is! We just though it was time we took a sideways view of the regular tourist haunts the visiting LGBT throng will pass through.

Parading through town or wandering the streets looking for the next party, you’ll pass the five fingers of Brighton and enjoy all of them. It’s celebration time for the LGBT family, all Brighton welcomes you to Pride!


It’s time to show your Pride!

Let the games begin!

Let the games begin!

In an exclusive interview with the LGBT Ambassador blog, Pride Trustee Geoffrey Bowden explains the delights of Pride and the role it has in the LGBT community. He even contemplates the straight interest in the party and notes just how far we can push things…

Now’s the time to put aside the politics and get on with the fun. The town is yours and this weekend is LGBT weekend.

Party hard, party safe and enjoy every minute, you deserve it!


Interviewed with Pride, it’s Brighton’s Gay Men’s Chorus!

Rod Edmunds

Rod Edmunds

I’m sure you’ve heard their crooning voices before, in fact you’ve probably shared a drink or two with these choristers; the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus is about as gay as it gets!

But there’s much more to their performances than show tunes: here, interviewed exclusively, Rod Edmunds reveals the chorus’ passionate beliefs about Pride, and what it is to be at the centre of LGBT Brighton’s unique and accepting culture.


It’s time for Pride!

IMG_1802_1Oh, yes! It’s that time of the year again; Pride is here and before you know it you’ll be sauntering through a city bristling with gay people!

Still, pride has never been exclusively a gay event. It really brings together Brighton’s LGBT community and takes over the streets in celebration.

And straight people love it too. And we’ve got a great intro to what’s on below. And we have a rare interview with the organisers – but you’ll have to wait a few days for that…



Brighton’s gay golf goes international

Get Gay Golfing at the Brighton Open

Get Gay Golfing at the Brighton Open

If you fancy a round or two at the weekend and find crazy golf on Brighton seafront a little too easy, we’ve something for you.

The Brighton Lesbian and Gay Sports Society (BLAGSS) is running an International Open Golf Tournament at Singing Hills Golf Course.

Read the rest of this entry »

Proud Lady of Leisure

0809 095

I got totally drenched at Pride. You got totally drenched at Pride. It was like Gaystonbury. The rainbows are supposed to come after the rain not during it! Still, the spirit remained. We gays are a tough sort, our cries and toys and dance parties can not be drowned out. If you were fortunate enough to wear latex, you probably experienced a fringe benefit.

At Preston Park during the rain, everyone rammed into these Eurodisco tents. I walked around observing people. I saw drag outfits thrown into disarray, oblivious couples snogging and an LGBT scuba diving booth that seemed quite fitting. Read the rest of this entry »