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View to Brighton Pier from the New Steine, Brighton

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Giving Brighton the Finger!

Brighton MpNo, it’s not what you think it is! We just though it was time we took a sideways view of the regular tourist haunts the visiting LGBT throng will pass through.

Parading through town or wandering the streets looking for the next party, you’ll pass the five fingers of Brighton and enjoy all of them. It’s celebration time for the LGBT family, all Brighton welcomes you to Pride!


We can prove it: Everyone’s coming to Brighton!

It's time for a visit

It's time for a visit

The latest government figures show we are holidaying at home, fact. Every summer more and more people get themselves to Brighton, and each time they see something new.

As the city’s LGBT community knows only too well, stereotypes can be broken; so whatever pre-concieved ideas tourists may have on arrival, we know they return home having loved every minute of their stay, in Brighton, the LGBT capital of Britain.

UK gay, lesbian, bi- and transgender peoples, all roads lead to Brighton and here’s why…

Everyone’s coming to Brighton!

Europe’s biggest free beach party!

Picture 2

Get partying, get paddling!

Thought that would get you reading! Yes, this weekend it’s the Paddle Round The Pier Festival on Hove lawns. Enjoying a weekend in Brighton, you can try ┬ájust about every watersport on the ocean, or wander round all the stands and stalls, or just sunbathe back on the lawns.

It’s all free, it’s all for charity and by the look of the website, it’s all good! And we’re promised good weather, too! Bring it on!


What’s going on in Brighton?

No surprise, as we are the entertainment capital of the south coast, there is loads to do.

Yes the sun is shining and yes it’s tan time, but if you are just down for the weekend why not stick your head up from the beach and have a look around – there’s always something happening!


Naked sunbathers’ hangout

Kit off!

Kit off!

It’s getting hot in here, summer has arrived, and for some of us daring folk it’s time to take of all our clothes. Without risking a caution, and without distracting the families and children from their shopping, you can let it all hang out, on Brighton beach.

Well, not Brighton Beach (central) but at a spot further east, toward the Marina on Brighton’s own nudist beach.

Black Rock Beach is a special place for naturists and residents, because it is open. There are no fences, no walls and very few social restrictions. In fact, it is so open, some happy sun worshipers can be seen from the regular beach.

Having visited – and not purely for research – I can tell you the place is perhaps too accessible; while there I saw an unsuspecting family walking back from Brighton Marina, straight through the nudist beach – oh, their faces!

Well, if you want to feel the wind through all your hair, let it drift in the sea, or just laze around as you tan all over, make a visit to Brighton’s Black Rock Beach – just get that sun cream on and leave your scruples at home.

Top Bathing Tips

With stunning weather, hunks in trunks and a hot LGBT scene, visitors to Brighton will at some point need to cool off. So, where better than in the sea?

It’s definitely still cool and it’s a really safe place to get in for a swim, but first you should read on for some swimming safety tips.

And check back for our interview with a lifeguard, coming soon…