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View to Brighton Pier from the New Steine, Brighton

The oldest and funkiest are visiting Brighton

This weekend the funkiest, healthiest, sleekest movers are making their way to Brighton. We’re talking about the Future Car Challenge, which sees some of the smartest, eco-friendly cars drive to Brighton from London.Print

They’ll be arriving on Saturday having driven here on 3 drops of fuel or a full charge of electricity. Makes you think what those fools in their 4×4s are doing driving into Brighton every weekend. They are big, they are hard when they hit kids, and they are definitly not clever!

So take some inspiration from the next generation and keep an eye out for our eco-rollers this weekend.

On Sunday its the turn of the oldies, in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. We can forgive these old motors for coughing and spluttering their way through town, but when it comes to buying new cars that pollute our streets, no excuses.

Look here for more info on the veteran car run

Just who are the Dining Dykes?

Well, to start with, they don’t just eat out with each other… . This group of ladies that lunch also gets out clubbing, pubbing and running events in the community.Picture 12

Dinning Dykes now attracts ladies from their 20s to their 50s creating a space where its members can meet, un pressured about conforming – or giving a damn what goes on in ‘the scene’.

Members get discounts of local businesses and are always doing their bit for charity.

And they are based in London as well as Brighton – and importantly they are hooked up to

So with Niche Girls and GayGirlNet it looks as if the lesbian community has got its social media in order.

Feeling peckish?

Take a look here for more information

George is out, again!

As news blasts its way around the internet that George Michael was released early from his sentence, What’s often forgotton is just how hard it was for him to come out in the first place.

Jail bird free

Jail bird free

While most of the music industry may have been well aware of his ‘leanings’ during the mid 80’s the general public were kept well in the dark and George well in the closet.

The strangest thing about it all, and the surprise first showed by the general public was because he was such a sex symbol -for straight girls. Andrew Ridgeley, though was more wimp than Wham! ; a fluffer to fold the Greek hunk’s trunks.

When George went solo, it wasn’t just the pent up talent, hermeneutically sealed in by the pop industry, he started to reveal. Clearly out by 1998 (as he told CNN!) George was at the top of his career, I say with the Listen Without Prejudice album. He then evolved into a fully fledged  ’A’ list hollywood funkster.

Where he led, Robbie was to follow, although Robbie’s gay moment seemed more stunt than sincere. Bit of a rocky ride for George since, spending more time in court than in the toilet…still, it’s never dented the talent, or dulled the style with which he delivers it.

And now he’s out, should we expect to see a reformed character, a changed man? I somehow doubt it, and somehow I don’t want him to be any different. I like my celebs to be flawed; after all, what point would there be in watching their roller coaster ride lives?

Good luck George! You’re a gay icon – just stay out of the clink long enough to make another album.

Take a look at his Last fm page here

Zhoosh it!

Picture 3

For a town with such a positive LGBT community, it’s kinda odd that it’s lacking one united voice. There must be sooo many smaller networks of people – some gay, others bi-sexual – and after all, we’ve rarely mixed exclusively, so within these clicks we all know transgender guys/girls and all the beautiful multifarious peoples of the town.

I guess we all love the right to be just who we are. And if that means we put up little divisions to help us identify ourselves, so be it. Unless of course someone is creating a space with a higher goal…

Social networks come and go – well that’s not true: they come and hang around in the form of forgotten log-ins and forgettable profiles.  So with the big fat ‘F’ network sucking up our time, and Twitter aps secreting superglue through our mobiles, anything new needs to be special.

Well, Brighton’s got a new on-line information and networking hub (Zhoosh!Brighton), which brings together & connects Brighton’s LGBT communities – the people, the groups, the organisations, support, social and sports groups.

It’s a funky looking social network that has a community feel from the start. It’s about connecting people in the LGBT community, not just with each other, but with the support groups and services on offer – have a look around, you’ll see 80 groups are already listed!

Kept live by a new blog and driven by a lady who is clearly in this with the right motivations (Susan Luxford), it’s already on its way.

Take a look, hook up to them on Twitter, and we’ll see you all there!

Picture 4

Take a look...

Lesbian London Lovin’ Brighton

When the hotels in Brighton filled up for Pride it was LGBT people from all over the world who had come to party! But stood on the platform at Brighton station, if felt as if it was the London LGBT community that was taking over the town.

And as for the virtual traffic, Twitter was jammed with messages from London groups, all loving Brighton. So we hooked up with the group that best represented the Lesbian and bi-girls of London, NicheGirls.

Here’s an intro to their new site, which is all no-nonsense vid clips. Expect straight talking (not an entirely accurate description, but you know what I mean) and some infectious enthusiasm about Pride and the Lesbian and bi-girl scene.

Check back for more clips; these girls are definitely coming up, and back to visit Brighton soon.

There’s something about Hannah…

Looking on the cinema listings for the Odeon Brighton you’re not likely to see any movies specifically for the LGBT community. Yes, movies come along that fit the bill, but there’s just something about the Hollywood star system that puts LGBT movies so far on the back burner that we never get the hot stuff.


Then, along comes the Brighton and Hove Lesbian Film Club with a bold plan: hire out the Odeon’s small screen and run a movie of its own! So if you are in the mood for the multiplex experience, with all its popcorn and puffery, get along to the Odeon on Saturday.

From 3 till 5pm it is screening Hannah Free, a US movie by Ripe Fruit Films, starring Sharon Gless, Maureen Gallagher, Kelli Strickland, Ann Hagemann, Taylor Miller and Jacqui Jackson.

While it may be just 86mins long, this movie comes with a couple of good reviews – if you count the accolades of the Montreal International LGBT, the Australian Gay and Lesbian, and the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals!

Now, what’s the movie about? Sorry, we haven’t seen it! But we do know that if you are reading this you should be interested in finding out.

So here’s more info and a contact at the club;  let’s face it, if you are staying in a gay hotel in Brighton or are part of our fantastic LGBT community, you’re probably looking to watch a better movie than The Expendables!

More about the movie

More about the club

Tickets available in advance, now contact:

Legends of the Town

This town is choc-a-block with gay entertainers, and they’re not all drag queens – some are drag queens and comedians.

No, seriously, we’ve some off the country’s best acts, and they are a busy bunch. So, we’re putting together bio’s of the stars: a who’s who of the LGBT events scene: compares, comedians, and yes, drag queens.

Chris Green, and suit

Chris Green, and suit

First up: Chris Green

Performing as the well-known cowgirl and country star Tina C, and the pensioner/ rap fan Ida Barr, Chris Green is the talented frontman of the small but well-respected gay comedy scene.

There’s a huge audience baying for fresh comedy in this town, and he’s been driving the herd of gag chasers onward.

Every month there’s been a comedy night aimed fairly and squarely at the LGBT community. And Chris has been choreographing the chuckling from the start.

He established the event in 1998 at the Leicester Comedy Festival, the Brighton Festival and Manchester Mardi Gras, and turned it into one of only a few successful gay comedy nights in the UK.

Chris is as at home delivering political gags as he is banging out a huge numbers, but there’s always more. Singer, musician, songwriter, actor and playwright, Chris is multi-talented and about to make it on national radio.

His own show on Radio 4, starting on 29th September, is another milestone for one of Brighton’s favourite talents.

Tune in, you’ll get Ida Barr and her irreverent spiel on Hip Hop. And next on the radar is his inspired fictional documentary about Prince Harry’s overthrow of the monarchy.

Even though he’s not a resident, such endeavours easily take Chris into our ‘Legends of the Town’. For more about Chris, take a look here. And for more on Brighton’s LGBT community, check back with us.

Julian Clary does Brighton

Julian Clary - coming soon

Julian Clary - coming soon

Gay ‘A’ list celeb Julian Clary is on his way to Brighton! Although too late for Pride, he will be coming before three Texan tenors then leaving in the morning …

A groundbreaking glam entertainer, he managed to cross over the gay/ mainstream chasm in public entertainment, taking with him his smutty routines and intelligent, twisted innuendo.

Not an easy man to tie down (for an interview) he’s on the Ambassador’s hit list. So watch out, there’s likely to be more on Julian here.

For more of what’s on at the Theatre Royale this month and a potted history of the venue, look here.


Pride Party Pictures 1

Flags flying, whistles blowing, people dancing in the streets: it could only be Pride! Once again, it felt as if the UK’s entire LGBT community all got off the same train and took over the city. What a day! The party is far from over; there’s fun still to be had. So while you’re relaxing after a mad night, have a look at the link below for first batch of pictures.

Brighton Pride 2010

There are more to come, it’s just that we were partying too!



Giving Brighton the Finger!

Brighton MpNo, it’s not what you think it is! We just though it was time we took a sideways view of the regular tourist haunts the visiting LGBT throng will pass through.

Parading through town or wandering the streets looking for the next party, you’ll pass the five fingers of Brighton and enjoy all of them. It’s celebration time for the LGBT family, all Brighton welcomes you to Pride!