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Archive for October, 2010

George is out, again!

As news blasts its way around the internet that George Michael was released early from his sentence, What’s often forgotton is just how hard it was for him to come out in the first place.

Jail bird free

Jail bird free

While most of the music industry may have been well aware of his ‘leanings’ during the mid 80’s the general public were kept well in the dark and George well in the closet.

The strangest thing about it all, and the surprise first showed by the general public was because he was such a sex symbol -for straight girls. Andrew Ridgeley, though was more wimp than Wham! ; a fluffer to fold the Greek hunk’s trunks.

When George went solo, it wasn’t just the pent up talent, hermeneutically sealed in by the pop industry, he started to reveal. Clearly out by 1998 (as he told CNN!) George was at the top of his career, I say with the Listen Without Prejudice album. He then evolved into a fully fledged  ’A’ list hollywood funkster.

Where he led, Robbie was to follow, although Robbie’s gay moment seemed more stunt than sincere. Bit of a rocky ride for George since, spending more time in court than in the toilet…still, it’s never dented the talent, or dulled the style with which he delivers it.

And now he’s out, should we expect to see a reformed character, a changed man? I somehow doubt it, and somehow I don’t want him to be any different. I like my celebs to be flawed; after all, what point would there be in watching their roller coaster ride lives?

Good luck George! You’re a gay icon – just stay out of the clink long enough to make another album.

Take a look at his Last fm page here