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Archive for September, 2010

Zhoosh it!

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For a town with such a positive LGBT community, it’s kinda odd that it’s lacking one united voice. There must be sooo many smaller networks of people – some gay, others bi-sexual – and after all, we’ve rarely mixed exclusively, so within these clicks we all know transgender guys/girls and all the beautiful multifarious peoples of the town.

I guess we all love the right to be just who we are. And if that means we put up little divisions to help us identify ourselves, so be it. Unless of course someone is creating a space with a higher goal…

Social networks come and go – well that’s not true: they come and hang around in the form of forgotten log-ins and forgettable profiles.  So with the big fat ‘F’ network sucking up our time, and Twitter aps secreting superglue through our mobiles, anything new needs to be special.

Well, Brighton’s got a new on-line information and networking hub (Zhoosh!Brighton), which brings together & connects Brighton’s LGBT communities – the people, the groups, the organisations, support, social and sports groups.

It’s a funky looking social network that has a community feel from the start. It’s about connecting people in the LGBT community, not just with each other, but with the support groups and services on offer – have a look around, you’ll see 80 groups are already listed!

Kept live by a new blog and driven by a lady who is clearly in this with the right motivations (Susan Luxford), it’s already on its way.

Take a look, hook up to them on Twitter, and we’ll see you all there!

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Take a look...

Lesbian London Lovin’ Brighton

When the hotels in Brighton filled up for Pride it was LGBT people from all over the world who had come to party! But stood on the platform at Brighton station, if felt as if it was the London LGBT community that was taking over the town.

And as for the virtual traffic, Twitter was jammed with messages from London groups, all loving Brighton. So we hooked up with the group that best represented the Lesbian and bi-girls of London, NicheGirls.

Here’s an intro to their new site, which is all no-nonsense vid clips. Expect straight talking (not an entirely accurate description, but you know what I mean) and some infectious enthusiasm about Pride and the Lesbian and bi-girl scene.

Check back for more clips; these girls are definitely coming up, and back to visit Brighton soon.

There’s something about Hannah…

Looking on the cinema listings for the Odeon Brighton you’re not likely to see any movies specifically for the LGBT community. Yes, movies come along that fit the bill, but there’s just something about the Hollywood star system that puts LGBT movies so far on the back burner that we never get the hot stuff.


Then, along comes the Brighton and Hove Lesbian Film Club with a bold plan: hire out the Odeon’s small screen and run a movie of its own! So if you are in the mood for the multiplex experience, with all its popcorn and puffery, get along to the Odeon on Saturday.

From 3 till 5pm it is screening Hannah Free, a US movie by Ripe Fruit Films, starring Sharon Gless, Maureen Gallagher, Kelli Strickland, Ann Hagemann, Taylor Miller and Jacqui Jackson.

While it may be just 86mins long, this movie comes with a couple of good reviews – if you count the accolades of the Montreal International LGBT, the Australian Gay and Lesbian, and the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals!

Now, what’s the movie about? Sorry, we haven’t seen it! But we do know that if you are reading this you should be interested in finding out.

So here’s more info and a contact at the club;  let’s face it, if you are staying in a gay hotel in Brighton or are part of our fantastic LGBT community, you’re probably looking to watch a better movie than The Expendables!

More about the movie

More about the club

Tickets available in advance, now contact: