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View to Brighton Pier from the New Steine, Brighton

Archive for August, 2009

Handicapped and Brighton Bound

If you have limited mobility check out my first-hand blog all about travelling with mobility issues! You’ll be have a blast!

In (Re)Mixed Company

aug09 035So you and your mates came to Brighton. You’ve got one amiable but randy gay guy, one semi-party mood lesbian, one “hag” and one weary organiser. What to do?!

First of all, if you’ve ever travelled in a group you know that as much as you all love each other, splitting up through-out the day is a good idea. It can be fun to shop together or do a beach barbeque but don’t be afraid to split up. If your mates are single, they probably came to Brighton with ulterior motives. And rightfully so!

If your going clubbing, you’ll have plenty of places to choose from. Most of the clubs in Brighton are mixed  so you can start out the night together to get a little buzzed and dance before pursuing alternative paths.

The Queen’s Arm’s in Kemptown is laid back place to start. If you are in Brighton mid-week take advatange of the unlimited drinks bands on some nights. The girls or “hag” will enjoy the atmosphere/entertainment/flirt while men can feast their eyes on the delectable bar staff, who are very cute and flirt with guys who are less agressively “scene” than in some other venues.

I’ve also found Legends Club on the bottom floor to be a good place for a mixed group. This club is below the popular Legends Bar. There is a live DJ on some nights and really amazing strobe lighting.  You can start out there and then leave the male in your party to cruise until the wee-hours of the morning. Head over to the lady-centric R-Bar or the Marlborough after you’ve gotten your drink on to meet some hot ladies for some dirty dancing of your own. If you aren’t looking, you’ll be happier in a mixed venue and specifying this will save your evening.

Keeping all this in mind, I think that club Revenge on Thursday, Friday or Sat night has something for every one.  If your token gay male gets bored, next door is Vavoom which from what I’ve seen has some of the cutest boys partying there.

In my experience, whatever group you travel with there always seems to dominant personalities. If you have a power imbalance in your group, it is a good idea to plan your trip on the way to prevent clashing. I know one gay guy who was dragged to a lesbian beach holiday, planned as surprise for his birthday! That is insane. Don’t assume your friends want to do what you want to do! aug09 038

My best friend Michael and I partied together recently. We started out at Queens Arms and then headed to Legends where he stayed and I went home giving him my keys. Everyone was happy.

It’s all about communication, seperation and being upfront. You can make a (re)mixed holiday’s just about planning!

A Good Sport

Although many come to Brighton to simply kick back or go on the lash, you can have a fantastic active break in Brighton and burn off some calories. aug09 019

Rent a bike at Go Cycles or a similar place and ride all around the city or just on the miles long Seafront Path from Brighton Marina to Hove Lagoon. The Undercliff path continues on from here to Saltdean.

If you are a tennis player head to St Anns Wells Park in Hove and choose a tennis court. You may also find something fun to do at King Alfred Lesiure Centre, near Hove Lagoon, where you can buy a day pass for the club or pool. This is a good thing to do if you get rained out on the seafront but still want to “get your swim on”.

If you want to do something intense with a capital I, bike from Brighton Central to Devil’s Dyke. Most of this route is uphill and not for beginners but it is so scenic. I’ve heard you can actually take a path from this area all the way to Reading.

Once you get to Devil’s Dyke, climb down the hills and up them again for more intense physical labour. The brush is a bit thick in parts so I recommend bug spray or pants.  It’s worth it though but very steep.

On the Seafront near Brunswick is a volleyball court and basketball court that is always jumping on a sunny day.  There is also a nearby skateboarding park for those that prefer to do acrobatics on wheels. aug09 048

Although other parts of the country are more famous for surfing, it is possible to surf in Brighton, depending on the weather. Otherwise renting a less vulernable watercraft than your body might be a better idea.  Check out this site for more information.

Something very few people think of to do is rent a motorbike and bike around the city. There is truly nothing better than seeing Brighton on  a motorbike. Vroom By The Sea in Hove can provide you with a motorbike or scooter for the day.

If you feel like a real climb, try climbing Beachy Head between Brighton and Eastbourne or heading to Seven Sister’s National Park, where you can camp out.

If you haven’t quite found the activity you really want to do, check out Active For Life, which is an invaluable resource.

On a slightly windy, some may find Kite Flying a perfect diversion. If you want to fly your kite in Brighton or get one, this website will tell you everything you need to know.

If you only do one active thing, my recommendation is that you head out to Devil’s Dyke on bike. Put some equipment in your rucksack and get ready to play, if you have any energy left!

It’s In The Trees..It’s Coming

If you are after a bit of sight-seeing of the natural variety…check out my (ob)scenic Brighton guide. It certainly doesn’t begin and end at the sea-side!

For Sea-Dried Hair

If you are on holiday and in need of beauty products, there’s no need to fear. Have a look at my guide to Brighton beauty so you’ll know where to go for Brighton sea-dried hair remedies and lipstick for your date.

Festivals in Brighton

If you are  thinking about getting festive this year in Brighton, check out my suitably festive blog entry about some of the festivals on this year. Happy celebrating! -A

Travelling With Kids

If you are travelling with your family, our blog about activities for kids, will float your boat on the Brighton shore. Enjoy!

Brighton Marina

Been to Brighton Marina? Looking to go? Check out my blog about Brighton Marina and the surrounding areas, like The Undercliff Path.

Shopaholics Guide To Brighton

Visiting Brighton is not the time to go into rehab for your shopping addiction. I thoroughly recommend you stay off the wagon a little bit longer and devilishly enjoy your stay! For suggestions to “feed your need” check out Brighton Shopaholics Anonymous.

Brighton for The Ladies-Couples Edition

So you’re taking your lady to Brighton for the weekend.  Good times. Now you just need to figure out what to do to set the mood. aug09 036

When I need to unwind, I often go for a scenic experience. The incredible Devil’s Dyke (aptly named) is something few visitors see but worth the bus or rented cycle ride out. Snog and look down at the beautiful landscape or adventurously climb down over the hills. Feed some horses and walk through fields and fields of grass.

In personal experience, going out for a drink in a lively place like Legends and then heading back to the hotel (perhaps with a bottle of vino in tow) to continue the festivities is a good way to culminate the night.

A visit to the erotic art gallery and/or She Said on Ship street will get you going on. She Said sells toys and really sexy lingere. The erotic art gallery works in conjuction with Brighton Body Casting- potentially a surprise present for your kinky lover?

If your lady is  materialistic, you may be able to woo her with some goodies from the North Laine. Whatever her particular taste is, you’ll find a present. I’m unsure where you can get a nice bouquet in Kemptown but if you find yourself in Hove, check out the stand near Hove Church. Just don’t buy from Morissons! Ha, Ha that does seem obvious.

One piece of advice: Don’t be afriad to split up whilst in Brighton. The evening will be sexier if you get some time alone rather than subjecting each other to activites that many be fun for her and dull for you. It’s pretty hard to get lost in our city and while she’s hitting the shops, you can sit with your notebook and plan how to arrange the evening.

Splitting a shake from the popular Shakeawayaug09 019 can be romantic, in that “old school soda shoppe” way. Ask for two staws. If she’s romantic she’ll appreciate this. You can also try a similar approach with frozen yogurt at the aptly named “Lick”. Get two toppings and watch each other…um eat.

Wasting time in Brighton Marina can be fun or going to see a movie at the Odeon cinema if it rains. The trip is not ruined if it rains because you can just duck into places, head to Churchill Square mall to kill some time. The mall is quite large and completely indoors. No surprises here in terms of the shopping but in a downpour it can be a “trip saver”.

If you are trying to have a romantic break, don’t forget to stay overnight. You will not feel romantic taking the train back to your house after a day out. Trust me. You’ll stop making out on the train back home and end up going to bed.