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Chic, freak and unique – it’s Brighton Fashion Week!

Visiting Brighton it’s hard to tell who’s in the fashion show and who’s just popped out to get a pint of milk! Yep, come here for the first time and you’ll witness a full-on fashion train crash.

Brighton Fashion Week

Brighton Fashion Week

That is unless you are down for Brighton Fashion Week. Because running this week there’s plenty of chic, freak and unique – and it’s all pulled together over the next 5 days into one long fashion celebration.

And we’ve one of the designers, Masato, talking to us about all things Brighton… read on

Brighton’s Fashion Week: It’s party time

Picture 3

Party in style during Brighton Fashion Week

Yes, in case you have been too busy shopping to notice, it’s Brighton Fashion Week.

Just before it started, celebrity style magician and saviour of the drearily dressed, Gok Wan, was awarding prized to Brighton fashion students.

So if you want inspiration before your next session shopping in Brighton, have a look at what’s happening, here.


Handbags at dawn

Brighton's LGBT Awards

Brighton's LGBT Awards

This month is handbag month – well if you are coming for shopping in Brighton, every month is handbag month. The difference this time is that these handbags are gold, and are given out to the best bars, restaurants, and hotels on the gay scene.

Everyone can vote for their favourite spot, even for their top barman or barmaid just follow the link below.

The winners will be announced at a charity celebration at the Hilton Metropole Hotel on Sunday, June 20, with top acts from the town doing a turn. The hostess with the mostest will be Lola Lasagne, joined by firm favourites Drag With No Name, Maisie Trollette and Dave Lynn.

And the greatest thing, tickets for the event all raise money for charity. So far the Golden Handbag Awards has helped raise £100,000, and taken its place as the biggest fundraiser in the Brighton LGBT calendar.

Vote Ambassador

Vote Ambassador

So get voting, today’s your last chance  – half way down, Best Hotel category, hint, hint…

Naked sunbathers’ hangout

Kit off!

Kit off!

It’s getting hot in here, summer has arrived, and for some of us daring folk it’s time to take of all our clothes. Without risking a caution, and without distracting the families and children from their shopping, you can let it all hang out, on Brighton beach.

Well, not Brighton Beach (central) but at a spot further east, toward the Marina on Brighton’s own nudist beach.

Black Rock Beach is a special place for naturists and residents, because it is open. There are no fences, no walls and very few social restrictions. In fact, it is so open, some happy sun worshipers can be seen from the regular beach.

Having visited – and not purely for research – I can tell you the place is perhaps too accessible; while there I saw an unsuspecting family walking back from Brighton Marina, straight through the nudist beach – oh, their faces!

Well, if you want to feel the wind through all your hair, let it drift in the sea, or just laze around as you tan all over, make a visit to Brighton’s Black Rock Beach – just get that sun cream on and leave your scruples at home.

Artists’ Open Houses-This Weekend Dec 12-13 Last Chance!

It’s that time of year again as you probably know unless you are an ostrich with your head in Christmas coloured sand. What you may not know is that instead of braving the High Street scouting for gifts like a chicken or (ostrich) without a head, there is another option. It’s Time for  Artist’s Open Houses, where 75 venues showcase locally made gifts all over town, a great alternative to regular shopping and fun to browse.  Like an Easter Egg hunt! Click here for all the info about this special event.

Hitting The Shops

Spending money on lovely things in Brighton is easy. No matter what your particular taste is you’ll find something new to wear. Check out my guide to Brighton shopping.

For Sea-Dried Hair

If you are on holiday and in need of beauty products, there’s no need to fear. Have a look at my guide to Brighton beauty so you’ll know where to go for Brighton sea-dried hair remedies and lipstick for your date.

Shopaholics Guide To Brighton

Visiting Brighton is not the time to go into rehab for your shopping addiction. I thoroughly recommend you stay off the wagon a little bit longer and devilishly enjoy your stay! For suggestions to “feed your need” check out Brighton Shopaholics Anonymous.